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Low Testosterone in Men

Low Testosterone in Men

Low testosterone or Hypogonadism, affects 39% of men over the age of 45 and as you age the percentage of men affected by low testosterone increases.  In fact by the time men reach the age of 80 more than half of them are suffering from low testosterone.

What does testosterone do?

Testosterone is important for men’s health as this is the hormone that is responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues.  Testosterone is why men are physically strong, it is responsible for body mass, your deep voice and many other systems in the body.  It helps men build protein, it is vital to liver function, the production of blood cells and it helps you stay slim by regulating your metabolism.  It is crucial for the production of sperm and your sex drive.

Testosterone is important for overall male health, without adequate amounts of testosterone in your body you can suffer from a number of ailments.  Low testosterone can have side effects like mood swings, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, loss of concentration, weight gain, and irritability just to name a few.

What causes low testosterone?

There are many causes to low testosterone, the most common being age.  The normal production of testosterone can be interrupted or damaged if you have ever had mumps that led to inflammation of the testes.  Testicular cancer and the radiation treatments used to treat it can affect testosterone production.  Lifestyle factors can also influence the production of 6testosterone, alcohol consumption, substance abuse and smoking.  Injuries to the groin or testes can affect testosterone production keeping it abnormally low.

Diagnosis and treatment for low testosterone

Your doctor can test your testosterone levels with a simple blood test, the test is best done in the morning when your testosterone levels are at their highest.  Your testosterone levels can drop significantly during the day, in fact they can drop as much as 13%.  If your doctor determines that your testosterone levels are too low he can start you on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  Here is a video showing you how that works.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy comes in many forms, you can take injections, gels or oral medications.  There are lifestyle changes that you can make that will help improve testosterone production, not to mention your overall health.  Start with quitting smoking, reduce your alcohol intake along with regular exercise and healthy eating.

Don’t underestimate how much lifestyle changes can improve testosterone production and it is the first thing you should try once you have been diagnosed with low testosterone.  The problem needs to be corrected as soon as possible.  If you suspect that you have low testosterone see your doctor right away to get your levels tested.  It can take as long as three months to start seeing a reduction in your symptoms and return your testosterone to normal levels.

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Increase Your Level of Testosterone with Supplements

Increase Your Level of Testosterone with Supplements

Both men and women need testosterone but it has a far bigger effect on men’s health than women’s.  Normal healthy men have a testosterone level that sits somewhere between 270ng/dl and 1070ng/dl.  However if your body doesn’t produce an adequate amount then you suffer from low testosterone and there will be side effects from that.  This condition is referred to as andropause and some of the more common side effects are loss of body hair, decreased energy, reduced muscle mass, mood swings, weight gain, lowered sex drive and sexual dysfunction.  Testosterone affects everything from sperm production to muscle strength and it is vital for your overall health.  If you want to increase the levels of testosterone in your body and slow down the physical decline then testosterone supplements will help.

What happens when you have low testosterone?

The human body has a pretty delicate balance when it comes to hormones and what falls into the normal range.  When you don’t have an adequate amount of any hormone including testosterone it can affect your body on several levels, including the cellular level, systemically or it can affect just one organ.  Aging can cause the testosterone levels to decrease in both sexes.  Low testosterone can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, it may require further testing for your doctor to confirm the diagnosis.  However there are plenty of things you can do to improve your levels of testosterone.  You can take testosterone supplements to increase testosterone levels.  There are many bodybuilders who will take supplements hoping to increase muscle mass, before you try that always talk to your physician first.

How do you increase your testosterone levels?

Increasing your testosterone levels has two effects on your body, anabolic which is the growth of red blood cells bone and muscle.  This is what bodybuilders strive for.  The other is androgenic, which can change your voice, sex organs, increased body and facial hair and it can also affect your level of aggressiveness.  In men low testosterone levels will affect the libido, muscle mass, infertility, bone density and erectile dysfunction.  While low testosterone in women can cause hot flashes, irritability along with difficulty sleeping. Supplements can make up for deficiencies in testosterone in both genders.  There is some controversy surrounding testosterone supplements as athletes have used them to enhance performance.  However in an aging population with low testosterone problems they can be a life saver.

Increase Your Level of Testosterone with Supplements

Testosterone is crucial for your heart, brain and reproductive systems low testosterone does more than simply decrease your sex drive it is a serious health condition that needs to be addressed.  Men who suffer from low testosterone are at greater risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes than those with ideal testosterone levels.  Testosterone supplements are not just for athletes looking to get an edge in their performance.  It can help with your mood and work to improve erectile dysfunction.  The ideal testosterone supplement are 100% naturally sourced and free of synthetic compounds, they can raise your testosterone levels without the harmful side effects.

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